Why the Elite strategy?

  • Average 60% Win Rate, up to even 80% on some of our results

  • Consistent trades DAILY, on average between 1:3RR to 1:6RR

  • A simple step by step process before entering each trade

  • Use of the exclusive 'Golden Confirmation' unlike other SMC traders

  • Full PDFs for Strategy, 3 Entry Models and Full Video course

Phase 1

Technical & Advanced Technicals (SMC)

40 In depth videos taking you from the very basics of technical analysis to advanced concepts

Phase 2

Fundamental Analysis

What really separates Diamant Capital from the rest - Fundamentals. 40 in depth videos going through all the essentials lessons you need to start adapting fundamentals into your trading

Phase 3

Elite Strategy Essentials

A 20 video series building on the most essential lessons I have learnt and taught throughout all my experience of trading

Phase 4

Step by Step Elite Strategy

A 16 part series taking you through the Elite Strategy Step by Step, along with full PDF guides to ensure you can start implementing this consistently profitable strategy.

Finally learn an actual PROFITABLE strategy

You see a comprehensive mentorship and an ACTUAL strategy you can apply, take that action you KNOW you've been looking to make...

Contact Details

If you would like to pay via Crypto or for any other inquiries, please contact: [email protected]
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    $799.00Technical & Fundamental Courses + Lifetime Discord

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  • $100,000.00

    $100,000.00Technical Course + Lifetime Discord

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